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Individuals are considered ineligible for any of the following reasons:

  • The client is a sexual offender (Megan’s Law registration required).
  • The client has been classified as an arsonist and/or history of arson within the past ten years.
  • The client has committed an act of physical assault within the past 18 months.
  • The client has scheduled court appearances within the first thirty days of treatment; or client has designated inmate status and pending court appointments that cannot be postponed until treatment is completed. This does not include drug court.
  • The client has medical or dental conditions beyond the scope of our medical staff that requires ongoing outside medical care. This does not include HIV related care.
  • Clients is unable able to walk up and down two flights of stairs without assistance and do basic household chores.
  • Client needs a controlled substance for pain management
  • Client needs medication to be able to sleep
  • Is a safety risk to themselves or others; excessive impulsivity coupled with anger, aggressive behavior and/or acute depression.
  • Based on client’s psychiatric history or a professional assessment, it is unlikely that the individual would be employable despite psychiatric medication and addiction treatment.
  • The client has attempted suicide within the past year.

If any of the above mentioned circumstances have been or expect to be resolved in the immediate future we are open to a closer review of the application. Please explain these circumstances in a cover letter.

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