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5 Ways to Celebrate National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month is a national observance held every September to promote and support new evidence-based treatment and recovery practice.

The emergence of a strong and proud recovery community and the dedication of service providers along with community members across the nation help make recovery possible.

Here are five ways you can celebrate National Recovery Month:

1. Reach Out to People You Know in Recovery:
This month is the perfect time to celebrate those in recovery and their successes. Whether you’re reaching out via phone call, text message, email or in-person, the gesture will certainly be appreciated.

2. Spread The Word on Social Media:
Show your support on social media by posting about National Recovery Month. If you’re in recovery or have been affected by substance use disorder, you may want to consider sharing your own story so others can learn from it.

Use hashtags such as #RecoveryMonth, #NationalRecoveryMonth and #RM2021 in your social posts to educate and inform your followers about National Recovery Month.

3. Educate a Friend or Loved One:
There is no better way to celebrate National Recovery month than to continue to learn about what recovery is, how it’s changing and what you can do to help. Spend time educating yourself and others about substance use disorder and recovery and the latest research/studies available.

4. Host/Attend A Recovery Event:
If you, a family member, or your loved ones have been affected by substance use disorder, you can host your own event within your community to help raise awareness of substance use disorder and recovery.

There are also many events you can be a part of listed here on the official National Recovery Month website:

5. Write to Local & State Government:
By contacting your local and state representatives, you can encourage them to commit to improving access to substance use disorder treatment programs by asking them to sign proclamations in support of Recovery Month.

This essentially asks them to sign a written statement affirming their commitment and intentions to increase awareness of substance use disorders by improving access to existing care for those who need it most.

We hope you will join us in celebrating National Recovery Month this month. Recovery is for everyone: every person, every family, every community.

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