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Over 50 Years of Dedicated Service.

John Brooks Recovery Center provides a continuum of care for individuals suffering from substance use disorders regardless of financial circumstance or socio‑economic background.

Our Programs

A host of clinically driven treatment options are available that follow a recovery-oriented model.

“Our methods and programs cover all walks of life… our concern is to all people and no one is turned away.”

— John Brooks

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Save Lives and Spread Awareness

John Brooks Recovery Center (JBRC), a member of AtlantiCare, offers an array of outpatient programs at its Atlantic City location. Outpatient offerings include traditional outpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs (IOP), […]

John Brooks Recovery Center, a member of AtlantiCare, offers increased access to outpatient treatment programs at Atlantic City location

JBRC is committed to saving lives, spreading awareness and being a one-stop recovery provider and resource. Mays Landing, NJ – John Brooks Recovery Center (JBRC), a member of AtlantiCare, offers […]

John Brooks Recovery Center expands evening hours for substance use disorder outpatient treatment

JBRC’s expansion of hours at its Atlantic City location was made possible by a grant from the State of New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health and […]

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    Success Stories

    • “Since my arrival, I have made tremendous progress from where I once was. Thanks to the help of my counselor’s guidance and profound conversations, I have made a complete turn around of who I once was. I look forward to successfully completing this program and coming back to speak to the girls that will be here who will be in need of a positive message.”

    • “I have been to other rehabilitation centers and upon choosing John Brooks Recovery Center, I looked at the program to see if all my needs would be addressed. I saw this program dealt with parenting, anger management, trauma, psychological and physiological issues, and one-on-one counseling. I was happy to know that they provided yoga as well. The counselors work with the clients to set up a treatment plan to fit my needs and addiction. As a result, I am given workbooks, attend specific groups related to my recovery, and weekly meetings to go over what I have learned. I love that I have so much to do and look forward when I have downtime.”

    • “For me a recovering at John Brooks and All Roads has given me another chance at life. Not only has it given me tools to deal with triggers and life on life’s terms, I feel like a part of a community.

      I’m so very thankful for these places. I’ve made friends and have learned about who I am. Because of JBRC and All Roads I have my son and the rest of my family. I’m very proud of who I am and the person I am . Today, I have a life worth living.”

    • “JBRC helped me find my path. The program helped me see a way out of addiction. I am thankful for All Roads at JBRC because they gave me the tools to help me navigate my addiction and also give me the opportunity to give back and help others. That to me is most important part of helping myself.”

    • “All Roads and JBRC has changed my life. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. I’ve lost a lot of loved ones but through all that I became a stronger person because they had faith in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

      I’ve been clean 3 years. They made me a better person. You made me believe in myself and I feel good about myself where before I never felt good. I always felt like I was worthless but today I feel like I’m on top of the world.”

    • “The one main thing I learned from John Brooks was recovery. They gave me what drugs and alcohol could never promise me – piece of mind and greater self-worth. JBRC has gave me my life back.”

    • JBRC has helped me get clean and maintain a sober way of living by enlightening me about my disease, which I always thought was just something I grew up watching family and friends do so I never thought of it as a disease, let alone know anything about triggers which they taught me about. JBRC also introduced me to this wonderful group called All Roads Recovery which is a great program in itself because they also teach you more about your addiction as well as yourself as an individual, and they help you get ready to deal with life.”

    • “I was referred to this facility by Salem County Drug Court. I’m 31-years-old and have experienced a lot of tragic situations in life. Before coming to this program, I was a broken mess. I didn’t know how to deal with life on life’s terms. I lost everything, including custody of my precious children. I had lost all faith and was completely hopeless. While being here at JBRC, I’ve not only cleared my mind, but the light at the end of my tunnel has been lit. I’ve started learning different coping skills and reasons behind my responses to emotions that have caused me to react in a negative manner. I’ve come to accept the fact that I am an addict, and my brain doesn’t function as the ‘normal folks’. Most importantly, I have learned that forgiveness is a huge part of recovery. Letting go of the past have made room for spiritual growth. Spirituality has been a sensitive subject for me but being here has opened my mind and allowed me to connect with my Higher Power. This entire experience has been humbling. I am grateful to have another chance at recovery.”

    • “Treatment has helped me in so many ways! For one it has helped me understand my true self and to start doing things I’ve never done before, such as writing out my goals and reaching them one step at a time! And processing my problems instead of acting out on them! Today I can truly say I am grateful to be here working on myself and also my problems. I am also grateful I’m not in jail. I would much rather be here in treatment working on my problems and myself and preparing myself for when I complete treatment!”

    • “Let me start by saying this road to recovery has been overwhelming, stressful and very hopeful. When I first got to John Brooks it was very awkward for me, I didn’t know what to expect or what to do. But I started to realize that this thing called recovery was going to take a lot of hard work, patience, and the change was going to be uncomfortable. There were plenty of times I wanted to leave, but my counselor talked some sense into me and made me look at the bigger picture. I needed some structure in my life and someone to talk to who could understand me, which is exactly what my counselor was there for. After being at John Brooks for about two months I really started to dig in and learn more about myself and notice the changes I needed to make. My counselor was by my side every step of the way and I can’t thank her enough.”

    • “Growing up, my mother was a single mother of three girls. My father wasn’t around so my mom had to work long hours. I started experimenting with alcohol and drugs at 16. At 18, I started hanging out with people in their 20’s. My older friends introduced me to harder drugs and criminal activity. I was in and out of jail for most of my 20’s. At 29, I tried opiates and fell in love. I was in and out of detox and trying to get clean at 35. I overdosed for my last time at age 36 before signing onto drug court. I completed my first long-term program in 2018. I came home but was unsuccessful at staying clean because I wasn’t working a program. I found myself back in jail again prior to coming to JBRC. I came here in June 2019 with an open mind, open heart, and positive attitude, ready to do the work. I’ve learned a lot in my time here about myself and what I need to do moving forward. I’m excited to leave and start my new chapter in life at the halfway house in September. I am 39 years old. I have been struggling with addiction for 20 years. It has been a long hard road and I never really saw me recovering. Basically, I was broken down and hopeless. I’m not sure what happened but somewhere on this journey I had a spiritual awakening and I know I can do this. For once in my life I want to recover.”

    • “I am 55 years old and I am an alcoholic. I had a “normal” upbringing with loving, sober parents. I had my first drink of alcohol at 16. It was ok, but I didn’t crave it. At 17, I was pregnant and got married. My going away to college ended. But I loved being a mom. At 21, my dad died suddenly, and I was getting divorced. My strength and family’s support got me through. I found a wonderful man and married him. We worked hard and raised our children. Eventually bought our dream home and a few years ago he became sick with heart disease and died last year. Strength and family support couldn’t help, but alcohol made me forget. I ended up hospitalized due to my drinking. My family said I needed professional help, so I did it for them. Here at John Brooks, the counselors showed me how to identify my character defects and deal with them, look for my triggers and have a plan to prevent relapse. The AAHI meetings have made me comfortable with my Higher Power and understanding how to work the 12 steps. If I didn’t come to JBRC, alcohol would have likely killed me. But being here has taught me how to live.”


    We offer hope when it is needed the most.

    Do not hesitate to call us today.

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