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Embracing a Summer of Sobriety

Finally, the summer is here! The temperature is warmer, vacations are booked, concerts are in full swing, barbecues are planned and everyone is looking to have a great time.

But what happens when you’re in recovery and all those social gatherings end up becoming major temptations for you?

A report from the National Institute of Drug Abuse looked at nearly 400,000 people and their first-time use of substances. The study found that initiation of drugs was significantly more likely to occur in summer than in other months. Specifically, about 30% of marijuana use, 28% of cocaine use, 34% of LSD use, and 30% of ecstasy use began in summer compared with other seasons.

While summertime is a prevalent season for substance use, that does not mean you have to feel left out of the party. There are still ways to enjoy yourself and avoid interactions with substances.

Instead, you can put the focus on more positive activities that will help you on your journey in recovery:

Know Your Triggers: To protect your sobriety, it’s best to avoid attending every party or festival where alcohol or drugs will be present.

Take Up a New Hobby: Looking to spruce up your home or yard? There are fun DIY projects you can make for your home, garden or porch. Now that the weather is nice, the summer is the perfect time to plan a workout goal like swimming or hiking.

Find a Summer Job: Many employers are looking for seasonal work, giving you a chance to improve your resume and earn extra money.

Stick With a Sober Friend: It’s important to spend time with other people who are also avoiding substances, as a support system to help you in your recovery journey.

Volunteer Your Time: Focusing on giving back to the community and improving the lives of others is a great way to take your mind off things and divert your efforts into something positive.

Book a Sober Vacation: There are several companies dedicated to helping people in recovery plan amazing vacations in safe and beautiful environments, surrounded by others in recovery. Research sober cruises or music festivals to make the most of your summer while avoiding relapse.

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